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Drea//M Exhibition in partnership with BMW Romania

Drea//M Exhibition in partnership with BMW Romania

After more than a year of hard work my Drea///M came true!

I owe many thanks to BMW, Alex Seremet , Cristian Pasarica and many others who supported me. I’ve always liked BMW; I liked it even more when my boyfriend bought an E21, but after drawing all these ///Ms and learning more and more about BMW’s history, I can definitely place BMW in my top 3 favorite car makers.

How did this exhibition happen? I’m pretty sure this will be one of those moments I’ll tell my children and grandchildren. It came out as a desire to show the world my artwork and I wasn’t reaching them via Facebook, DeviantArt, Etsy, Vimeo and other such platforms like I wanted to. Therefore I followed the example of other international artists and I asked for help a famous car manufacturer to back me up and create a beautiful exhibition. I knew BMW has a history of supporting artists – you can check out the BMW Art Cars that started in the mid seventies; after a bit of research I found out that BMW Romania also supports artists and that gave me hope. I emailed Alex Seremet and showed him my car drawings. We talked about my passion, skills and how I came to draw cars. He agreed to the exhibition and soon we came up with a theme. It took me a year to finish the 12 paintings because I rendered them at a bigger size for a greater impact. We chose the ///M models, old and new, because 2017 marked the 40 years anniversary of the ///M line.

To be honest I chose some of the car subjects not only because they were so awesome, but because they were difficult to draw and that would push me to evolve, to be able to draw more and more details and get closer to hyper-realism. Another new thing that I tried was to draw the cars’ engines on the background. I also liked to insert different font styles. All backgrounds emphasize the sport side of BMWs.

With Alex Seremet and Cristian Pasarica’s work and support, Drea//M Exhibition is a success! After this exhibition I feel a lot more confident in my skills and a burning passion to create even more beautiful artwork.

Photographers :Photoliu, Mihai Barbu, Bogdan Baraghin and Cristian Gheorghe

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