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Ferrari Dino - Road to Happiness

Dino is Ferrari’s most controversial project ever and the name honors Enzo Ferrari's late son.
As the story goes, Alfredino Ferrari, the only son of Enzo Ferrari, suggested to his father the development of a V6 racing engine for Formula 2 in the early 60s. Enzo approved his son's project, despite being in favor of V12 engines. He employed famed engineer Vittorio Jano to design this engine and the result was a very compact, 1600cc, quad-cam V6 which eventually won several F2 championship titles.Before this turn of events could happen, Alfredino would suffer from a tragic fate, dying of kidney disease. Taking him several years to fully recover from heartbreak, Enzo Ferrari put the V6 into a mid-engined sports car and badged it "Dino" in memory of his son.

My style combines markers, pencils, pastel and acrylic paint to create car movies for your mind, tales of adrenaline, emotion and fantasy, with spicy scripts and dark plots.

*I love telling stories by drawing. If my drawing was a book and you were the author, how would you want the story to go?

The size of the drawing is 30x42cm (11x16 inches).
The artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity and high quality framing.
Please note that the size of the framed artwork is 43x56cm!

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