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Ferrari LaFerrari - Eros on the prowl


The LaFerrari’s architecture represents the pinnacle of innovation even by Ferrari’s legendary standards. The design is striking and innovative with a sleek profile. The supercar boasts the most extreme performance ever achieved by a Ferrari production car and features the most advanced and innovative technology.

It is Ferrari's most ambitious project.

My style combines markers, pencils, pastel and acrylic paint to create car movies for your mind, tales of adrenaline, emotion and fantasy, with spicy scripts and dark plots.
*I love telling stories by drawing. If my drawing was a book and you were the author, how would you want the story to go?

The size of the drawing is 30x42cm (11x16 inches).
The artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity and high quality framing.
Please note that the size of the framed artwork is 43x56cm!

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All original artworks are shipped with tracking. Please, give 1-3 days for the package to be shipped.
The artwork will be carefully packaged to prevent it from damage.
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